5 Top Virtual Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams 2023 Updated


Some of these technologies (such as project management tools) were previously only available in offices, but they can now be utilized remotely too. One of the biggest factors for a successful workplace is whether or not employees can perform well as a team. ProProfs Project is a dynamic project management tool with a user-friendly interface.

There’s also an Enterprise edition which is priced according to the number of users required, and provides some additional organizational management features. Furthermore, Trello boasts a number of integrations with apps such as Evernote, GitHub, Google Drive and Slack. You can download the app for free, but there are premium options available which give access to more features.

The 9 best online collaboration tools for remote workers

Users can create unlimited public and private spaces, and download Freehand as a .png file. There’s the version history to view and revert to automatically stored versions, and guest permissions for clients https://remotemode.net/ and contractors. Moreover, it integrates with Zoom and Microsoft Teams to turn meetings into working sessions. Other useful integrations include Vimeo, Spotify, Webex, SketchFab, Photoshop and more.

To conclude, there are plenty of virtual collaboration tools that you can leverage to manage your remote team. You can reinforce your workflows by leveraging project management https://remotemode.net/blog/10-best-remote-team-collaboration-practices/ tools like monday.com and document management solutions, such as PandaDoc. Meanwhile, you can build a cohesive work environment by utilizing communication systems like Slack.


Manage call traffic over the internet, establish a cloud-based call center, and so much more. Break work and projects into tasks and layers of subtasks – so nothing slips through the cracks and everyone knows what to do and when it’s done. With Nectar, you can reinforce great work anytime, anywhere through an interactive recognition feed. Keep morale up, teams connected and promote your company’s core values in an online working environment.

How do you bring people together remotely?

  1. Make It Easy to Learn About Each Other.
  2. Use Breaks Productively.
  3. Create Smaller Group Gatherings.
  4. Encourage Cross-Team Sharing.
  5. Get a Peek Into Each Others' Lives.
  6. Celebrate Wins, Big and Small.

The tool can powerfully create and capture screenshots of screen-based work, allowing you to create rich instructions full of text and images. One of the early entrants to the new world of mobile note-taking, Evernote rose in popularity alongside the iPad. The app remains a powerful option with robust and interesting features, but be aware that it isn’t designed exclusively for meetings. Hugo integrates with a wide range of apps and platforms, including Jira and HubSpot, and it links all meetings (and meeting notes) to your existing Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace calendar. Reduce your meeting load by keeping every team member informed, and easily share your work plans and what you accomplished. Go 5x better than Dropbox with 10 GB of free space with this leading cloud storage app.

File Sharing and Co-Editing

Stakeholders can stay up-to-date without bothering about day-to-day activities with shared timelines. More importantly, Skype supports conference calls for up to 25 people, which means it can be a very convenient way to bring all your team together for a quick update of project status. Just choose your own personalized URL and meet using your browser – on mobile or desktop – in one click.

Does Google have a collaboration tool?

Similar to G Suite, all Google Workspace plans provide a custom email for your business and include collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more.

It includes support for agile workflows, but it also handles larger, complex projects in traditional project management styles. If you’re accustomed to a Gantt chart style or have numerous task dependencies and parallel workflows, you need something as robust as Teamwork. Use this instant messaging app to share and convey ideas with your remote team. A screen capture and screen recording app which comes with annotation and comments feature. To help you better, we have categorized these team collaboration tools into different sections. A repository to store, manage, and share project files is a must-have for any team, and a cloud storage service is the perfect choice for that role.

InVision: The best design collaboration app & digital whiteboard

The Pro plan costs $24 per month and increases the storage space to 20GB per base with a maximum of 50,000 records for each base. The Enterprise plan is the highest, giving you up to 1TB of space per base and 100,000 records; this plan has no standard pricing, so you’ll have to contact the sales team for a quote. It touts itself as “low-code”, meaning you don’t need sophisticated programming skills to build apps on it, although a little will help. Anyone in your organization can build an app on Airtable to foster collaboration.

Open, private, and employee/email domain-based workspaces contain Apps, files, templates, comments, tasks, built-in meetings and chats, and more. Confluence is a remote collaboration tool helping distributed teams streamline document and task management. It also provides a platform for people to share knowledge and ideas, making it easier to stay connected. In addition to its collaboration features, Confluence offers reporting, analytics, and automation capabilities for project management. Trello is a project management software with a few remote collaboration tools to assist teams in organizing tasks and projects. Teams can build cards for each task or item on the board and shift them between columns to demonstrate different stages of advancement or organization.

With 15 GB of free storage, Google Drive is probably one of the most generous file sharing tools. Your documents are easily accessible by you and your team, and you can open them from any device. Teamwork is the key to execute large projects effectively, but earlier, it required team members to be physically present at the workplace for efficient collaboration. A sudden increase in employees working from home has compelled the industry to mend its ways and look at alternatives like online docs for team collaboration. This collaboration software keeps everyone on the same page with channel messaging, where you can instantly share ideas, insights, and files.

  • Asana still isn’t ideal for complex projects or most non-agile workflows, though.
  • If you’re looking to simplify the ways your team works, check out Box, a single platform for secure content management, workflow and collaboration.
  • Teams can easily organize documents, assign tasks, create systematic workflows, and collaborate on projects.
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Luckily, Notion has a Slack integration that sends your team a notification when someone makes a noteworthy change. Automate routine activities so that you can focus on more important matters. Maximize productivity with workflow automation, avoid delays, and get moving quickly. Until recently, working from home was considered a luxury sanctioned to selected employees under special circumstances only. Today the number of U.S. workers who work remotely stands at 4.7 million or 3.4% of the total population.

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